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Milk Mountain Review – Local Drop Mag

When asked about his ability to connect with so many facets of the human experience in his compositions, Cochrane’s perspective is intuitively and brilliantly philosophical yet direct:

“I feel like that is just how emotion works; there is never a clear cut way to feel about something. There’s always something lingering that may sway you in the opposite direction. We are all chaotic beings. …(read more)


36? Come Crashing Through The Noise With Milk Mountain

In an age where relationships are measured in milliseconds with swipes right and digitized hearts littering our notifications, 36?’s newest album, Milk Mountain, comes across as the soundtrack for figuring yourself out amidst all the noise and chaos… (read more


Premiere: Watch the video for Calgary band 36?’s new single Vic

If Ween wrung the bitterness and spite out of Somebody That I Used to Know, kept all of the beauty, added Casio keyboard, and served it up in a piano bar wearing leisure suits and ascots.

That, well, that’s about as close a description as you’ll get for Vic, the new single from Calgary faves 36?.

It’s odd, lovely, wonderful, charming and utterly, brilliantly, confoundingly 36?…(read more)